K 2019

K 2019

6. 11. 2019.
K 2019

We were present once again at the world's largest plastics trade fair K 2019 in Düsseldorf which was held from 16th to 23rd October 2019!

NOMIS, as an ARBURG representative, was present at the ARBURG booth for the entire duration of the fair, where they presented a total of 20 of their machines. At the center of the presentation of the fair were the current issues of digitalization and the circular economy.

arburgXworld: focus on digitalisation
Numerous new apps for the customer portal of the same name were presented – ranging from the "Machine Finder" for finding the most suitable ALLROUNDER through "Virtual Control" for simulating the machine control system to "Self Service" for guided fault analysis and troubleshooting. Using the "Configuration" app, customers can for the first time configure a new machine, the ALLROUNDER 270 S compact, by themselves. At eleven interactive stations along the "Road to Digitalisation", visitors were able to learn more about "smart machines", "smart production" and "smart services". Digital service solutions such as the ARBURG Remote Service (ARS) and the new filling and plasticising assistants proved to be in particularly high demand.

arburgGREENworld: practical examples of a circular economy
arburgGREENworld programme rests on the four pillars of "Green Machine" for efficient machine technology, "Green Production" for innovative processes and resource-friendly production, "Green Services", which comprise services and know-how transfer, e.g. for processing recycled materials, as well as "Green Environment" for ARBURG's internal processes. With two injection moulding exhibits at K 2019, ARBURG demonstrated how recyclates can be reused and returned to the cycle.

Innovative machines, processes and applications
Other highlights include:

-        The new 1600 T rotary table machine at the partner stand of Lauffer

-        A "smart" turnkey system with filling and plasticising assistants integrated into the GESTICA control system

-        A turnkey system built around an ALLROUNDER 470 S in which 3D touch films were laminated in-mould using the FIM process

-        The technology outlook on the new freeformer 300-4X, which features an additional rotation axis to be able to additively manufacture fibre-reinforced parts

In addition to ARBURG, some of our other partners were present:

RAPID - introduced the largest slow-grinding innovation in almost two decades: OneCUT PRO uses the new FlexiSPEED system, which means less dust, less noise, less power consumption and significant operational benefits. Four such machines were presented at the fair, as well as the next generation Rapid ThermoPRO and RAPTOR DUO machines.

MORETTO - X Comb dryer series with a Moisture Meter device for precise measurement of moisture in the granulate was presented. Big interest was gained by the solutions dedicated to "micro" conveying for the feeding and conveying of small quantities of technical materials. Also, a drying system consisting of a XD 800X dryer series, combined with the OTX hopper and Moisture Meter Manager was displayed - a solution for an absolute primacy in terms of energy efficiency for any type of material and a completely automatic system of the drying process. Moretto also showed a new version of the advanced MOWIS 3 supervising system - a modular software capable of adapting to the needs and to the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of each customer, allowing connectivity between machines, processes, departments, plants and factories. 

PLASTIBLOW - displayed two machines: PB26ES-800 and PB2VD-260. The first model on display is a PB26ES-800, a single-station servo-driven blowing machine equipped with 26-ton clamping force and equipped with a triple head for the production of 5L canisters. This machine is the first to introduce the patent-pending “electrical matrix adjustment” function, which can be adjusted directly on the operator panel. A new double-station PB2VD-260 servo driven blowing machine with 2 ton clamping force and equipped with a double head, has been launched. Deco (2-layer coextrusion) and Reco (3-layer coextrusion) versions are also available. Its main feature is the extremely small footprint. The machine is equipped with a vertical extruder and decentralized bobbing movement with balancing structure - perfect for multicavity applications.

FRIGEL -the Ecodry system was displayed - an adiabatic cooler with the potential to reduce water consumption by up to 95% . The units are presented in a glycol-free version. New additions to the Thermogel range of temperature controllers were presented, which include a TBD series designed for general use with temperatures up to 90 °C. Both the TDK (120 ° C) and TPK (180 ° C) series were displayed.