Feeding system

Vacuum feeders are entirely made of stainless steel and are divided into three groups:

Venturi feeders

VTM Venturi feeders are based on the Venturi principle. They are equipped with Venturi suction probe and are suitable for the transport of small quantities of materials, for example masterbatches, various additives etc. 

Single – Phase Hopper Loaders

Single-phase hopper loaders supply material on the principle of creating vacuum. They are suitable for the flow capacity 25 – 100 kg/h. It is possible to connect a proportional valve for simultaneous supply of the original and ground material, and to control the ratio via remote control device. It is possible to install magnetic separator for separating metal particles. Microprocessor control via control panel or micro-switch. Easy dust filter cleaning. 

Three – Phase Suction Units

Three – phase suction units supply material on the principle of creating vacuum. They are suitable for supplying large quantities of materials 100 – 1600 kg/h. Three – phase suction units consists of three- phase vacuum pump and suction tank. The modular system can be installed with:

  • cyclone filter
  • filter cleaning kit
  • cooler
  • by-pass valve
  • remote control

It is also possible to install the QUAD control valve on the 4 suction containers via one vacuum pump.

Among the special performances, there are suction tanks for supplying the powder material and the material in flakes.    

Cyclone filters

FC cyclone filters are used to separate dust from the basic material to be supplied. Dust separation is carried by the cyclone effect, where dust particles are separated from the basic material due to the centrifugal force. Cyclone filters can be upgraded with: bypass valve, automatic filter and separated dust tank.  

Depends on needs, it comes in 6 different sizes to cover the complete range of vacuum units.