Dryers are used for drying hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic materials in order to achieve higher quality production and to reduce the level of waste.  There are several types of dryers, depending on the specific production needs. Modular design allows the combination of one dryer with several containers in order to simultaneously treat several types of materials.

X Dry Air mini dryers

X Dry Air mini dryers are suitable for installation directly on or near the machine (mobile or fixed). By selecting the type and the required flow of material, machine calculates all the other necessary parameters thus facilitating machine operation. Automatic control of air flow along with antistress function allows a gradual material drying in order to prevent damaging the material and create significant energy savings.

  • container made of stainless steel
  • capacity: 1,5 – 75 dm3
  • dew point: -55°C
  • possible combination with material suppliers for the automatic filling of the container

SX dryers

The technology for this type of dryer is based on the X DRYER series with dew point up to -70°C. The special thermodynamic design is based on zeolite technology with low power consumption and high material flow. Airflow 50 – 2400 m3.

  • microprocessor control and PID temperature control
  • water and compressed air not required
  • easy operation with Master 200 remote control
  • SINCRO control and energy regeneration provides 50 – 60 % reduction in labor costs

XD dryers

New X dryer system for drying the granulate with silica gel is used for the drying of hygroscopic materials. Touch screen display and special system for heat recovery are embedded on all models. Unlike the old D series, XD dryers do not need water cooling and compressed air. ANTISTRESS system protects the material from overheating during the drying process and ensures energy savings thanks to optimization of all process parameters depending on current position.

  • energy savings up to 72%
  • water and compressed air not required
  • great flexibility
  • process control via touch screen display

EH hot air dryers

EH dryer series are specially designed for the treatment of non-hygroscopic material. The temperature is electronically controlled by pulses with solid – state relays. VIEWER system ensures easy control. The device can be installed on the machine or beside it. 12 sizes of dryers and 19 container sizes are available and suitable to meet all requirements.