Dosing material systems are used when the mixture of the base material with the milled material or additives, in exactly given percentage, is needed. Volumetric and gravimetric dosing units are available.

DVM Volumetric dozing units

These units are available with horizontal and vertical adjustment. They are characterized by a very precise dosage of materials and the impossibility of accidental spillages. They do not require any maintenance and are characterized by:

  • for dosing the base material, additives and colorants
  • driven by DC motor, dosing via screw conveyor
  • control panel with display
  • 100 recipes storable
  • possible dosing of four components simultaneously with percentage setting
  • rapid discharge, cleaning and color changeover

DGM Gravimetric dosing units

Intuitive Super Easy touch screen enables easier operation and maintenance. Dosing units are available in seven different sizes, with a flow rate from 300 to 5000 kg/h, and the possibility of dosing up to 12 different materials simultaneously.

  • dosage is carried out via scale system
  • control panel with display
  • 200 recipes storage
  • reaction speed 25ms, high precision 0,001%
  • rapid discharge and material changeover