Cooling systems

Cooling is a key point in the production process of plastic products, and is one of the most important factors in energy consumption. Moretto has developed a compact solution for all applications that provides high energy savings. Available models capacity up to 1000 kW. 

RC Mini cooler series

RC Mini cooler series have cooling capacity 6-30 kW. Stainless steel frame, compressors, axial fans and heat exchanger all made of stainless steel are the main features of the RC Mini series. High performance coefficient of 6.0. 

RC Combi UNI cooler series

RC Combi UNI coolers are equipped with a hydraulic circuit, centrifugal fans and pumps and insulated tank for accumulation. Combi series comes with a large tank to reduce the compressor cycles per hour. The medium is filled automatically and all models have the option of manually filling of glycol. RC Combi UNI series is available in 14 sizes with power up to 1000 kW and has performance coefficient 6.0.

RC Combi MULTI cooler series

RC Combi MULTI coolers are modular coolers which means that several devices can be combined simultaneously, even at different times. It is sufficient to install a second controller to set one temperature for both circuits, while the original controller is active in order to indicate possible errors of separate circuits.

RCV Variant cooler series

Variant coolers are specifically designed for heavy duty operations. They are equipped with a variable screw compressor and are able to respond to any cooling requirements. Centrifugal fans are supplied as a standard. Device for energy savings up to 25% is available as an option.

TV Free-cooler

Large systems for temperature control can be integrated with Free-cooler convector batteries, when outside temperature allows. In this way, significant energy savings are achieved because Free-cooler assumes the role of the cooler and conventional cooler are generally not turned on. Free – cooler systems are mainly supplied in a centralized cooling systems.